A trip to heaven🌏

Amboli in maharashtra India is a hill station which many people not know.It lies in the sahayadri’s.It is around 117 km from Goa.Even though many people visit Goa,very few know about this place which is so close to Goa.

I had the opportunity of visiting this breathtaking place last month.It has greenery spread over the hills like a blanket.

Throughout the way you see waterfalls right next to the road which makes it even more blissful.There are about 15 waterfalls along the way which include one huge waterfalls where you can go up to the falls on man made steps.

Please note:Don’t go on weekends as the crowd would be too huge(people started to notice this place finally)

Take food with you as this area is likely to have landslides,you might get stuck in the hills.Experienced my self(4 hours)

Umbrellas are must.It keeps raining most of the time.

  • Hiranyakeshi temple
  • Madhav gadh fort

P.S If you are a nature lover,this place is perfect you guys.


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