Hello my bloggies.

My first nomination post is here.yippee!!!

I have been nominated for

  1. Get to know me tag .
  2. Get to know me child tag.
  3. One lovely blog award.

All thanks to you @shraddha1993( don’t know how to use your name as a link.sorry!

I would like to also give this splendid opportunity to others as well.

Rules –   

1st award.

  1. Each nominee must thank the person who is nominated them and do credit to the creator of the tag
  2. Must post one of your childhood picture with your nickname 
  3. Must reveal 5 funniest experiences of your childhood life
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers to do the award. 

2nd award. 

Answer the questions given  above.

2)Credit the Creator of the Tag.

3)Nominate 5/+ bloggers

3rd award. 

Thank the person who nominated you
Share 7 facts about yourself
Nominate up to 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination


My sobriquet was vikki.

As a child I used to throw food in the attic.

Facts about me :

  1. I am a gossipmonger.
  2. I am a blabbermouth.
  3. I am an extreme foodie.
  4. I am kind of a solipsist(who isn’t?).
  5. I am a man of my words to the people who trust me.
  6. I am an English lover.
  7. I am a TV and movie fanatic.

Answers to Shraddha1993’s questions are:-

1.  How long have you been blogging?

Ans- It has just been 15 days or so.

2. Do you enjoy tags?

Ans- Ofcourse.

3. Do you follow blogs which you follow?

Ans- yeah! I feel I have to return the favour.

4.  Describe your blog in 5 words.

Ans-  Fun,Worldly,Positive,short,lovable.

5. How many post you have done except this?

Ans-  13.

6. On 1-10 rate how much you love blogging!

Ans- The rating meter would break into pieces.100.

7.  Post some links you enjoy reading.


and there are many more.I would be nominating them all.

Nominees for the above blogs are:


The Shining Gem
Thoughts in Life
Abhijith Padmakumar
Shana Gorian

The questions are the same as above.

I would be happy if you revert.


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