Dream time!

My eyes,happy looking at the goodness in people.
My thoughts,happy that they could crawl into someone else’s mind.
My nose,happy that it can breathe the aroma of inner peace.
My lips,happy that they can still smile despite of all that has happend.
My heart,happy that it has found its place.
My hands,happy that they can write some inspiring words.
My stomach,happy to find that, it always need not digest the filth but there is an option to chunder.
My legs,happy that they can jump in joy looking at the serene universe.
My soul,happy that it has wings to fly to all the mystique places.
Looking at the starry sky,my happy body drifted off to sleep.

Picture credits:google.com


28 thoughts on “Dream time!

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  1. God never stops being gracious, huh? When sleep is encountered it is a kiss from the subconscious, Self talking to Self. A place where we are unable to run from the truth. Yet in the daytime, we dream also and attempt to manufacture the goals of dreams. A wonderful piece, and a good choice for articles which give it voice. You are a craftsman sir.

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      1. Absolutely, I appreciate the works of the community. I try to encourage craft. And you show a lot of what I shall describe as a Soul ready to share. You are most welcome sir.

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