The pointless mask

It was just a week after Christmas, I was invited to a birthday bash of my neighbour who apparently is born with a silver spoon.

Not being able to deny the invite, I reached the venue. It was a masquerade theme party and as I walked through the staging area I was given a face mask.
This was the essence of the party, to hide your true face until the clock struck twelve.
Though it may sound bizarre, my point was, why do we need an extra mask to cover up our faces?
We already have humongous layers of masks on our faces.
Not knowing when the heads would fall down considering the overweight of the masks, people were greeting each other with plastic smiles and oh-so-fake attitude.
I saw people lying through their teeth.
If only the air freshner had removed the awkwardness that was present in the room!

The party was just as boring as the theme.


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  1. Wearing masks is a survival mechanism.. It comes naturally.. To save ourselves from the predators. The problem is that most of us start believing that the mask is us…N we ourselves can’t see beyond the mask we wear…

    Nice rendition.

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  2. We cannot just be our true self or our inner self in this world full of buffocks!!
    We need to maintain a distance from ourself and be clever because the world holds to crush on and on and ditch oneself rather to motivate them. Well said vikram and nicely written:):)

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  3. I like the idea of a costume party but it does not involve masks just a chance to dress up in something different . Masks are weird too. Creepy in some ways. Your post has humor though and is entertaining.

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  4. I have been to more than a few gatherings like this. Consider. Why do we call political groups political “parties”? Maybe wanting power and keeping our real feelings hidden are connected? On the other hand, modesty and politeness has its place. Imagine if we had no choice but express to all around us exactly what we feel ALL THE TIME? And does every “like” on social media really mean the same level of approval each time. Do we sometimes “like” to be liked? This is a concern of mine in the age of the “selfie.” Self esteem or naricissism? But after all this blather, thank you Vikram, for visiting and liking my blog. It made me feel happy. That’s true too.

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  5. I Kram, thank you for your post. You are right about there already being so many masks hiding reality at many gathering. I guess it is meant as fun…?
    I remember in late teens going to a full masquerade party and being a Nordic blonde I choose to go as a Spanish ( my version ) girl. Long dark curly hair and flamenco dress. Had a ball but was taken aback when a group of us shared taxi and everyone asked where the pretty Spanish girl had gone.😊 Served me right…..

    However, after all this I want to say, I was totally myself but dared be so as nobody had any previous ideas of who I should be.

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      1. Vikram, first forgive the poor editing of your name. As to your story, I find it true.
        Have been to parties with so many false facades. It is sad for all that it is so.
        I have written a poem about this too as I feel strongly about it as you.

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