The key!

I sit infront of the portico
Thinking about my stolen dreams
I never knew who the thief was
Even if I knew,
I never had the courage to face him.
I never wanted to go to that unspoken place
That place where he hid my dreams
That place which was locked tightly using apprehensions.
That place where my dreams took a backseat
That place where dreams considered themselves to be nightmares
That place where dreams were burried alive in a coffin of compromises.
I found the key
The key to my dream yard
The key to my strength
The key to my courage
The key to the rebirth of my dreams
The key to my happy life

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The abductor!

I am the kidnapper
I kidnap the sorrow
I hide it in burrow
I kidnap the filth
I keep them in stealth
I kidnap the weep
Even from the creep
I kidnap the cry
Smiles,people will buy
I kidnap the hate
Throw love as bait
Who needs me now?
I am the kidnapper and how!

Dream time!

My eyes,happy looking at the goodness in people.
My thoughts,happy that they could crawl into someone else’s mind.
My nose,happy that it can breathe the aroma of inner peace.
My lips,happy that they can still smile despite of all that has happend.
My heart,happy that it has found its place.
My hands,happy that they can write some inspiring words.
My stomach,happy to find that, it always need not digest the filth but there is an option to chunder.
My legs,happy that they can jump in joy looking at the serene universe.
My soul,happy that it has wings to fly to all the mystique places.
Looking at the starry sky,my happy body drifted off to sleep.


The witching hour!

My eyes, tired of seeing the dramarama.
My thoughts, tired from running into people’s pretentious minds.
My brain,tired of reading too much between the lines.
My nose,tired of inhaling the air filled with the stink of pseudo love.
My lips,tired of uttering the words which mean nothing to people.
My hands,tired of becoming the helping hands.
My heart,tired of being broken again and again.
My stomach,tired of digesting the harsh truths that I find.
My legs,tired of stepping foot into places it never wanted to.
My soul,tired of being imprisoned in the jail with never ending bars.
Looking at the moonless sky,my tired body was out like a light.
Follow up blog:An antonym to this blog.


Nature lovers and how!🍁

Few things all the nature lovers love to do:

  • We love to sit in the portico and enjoy the giant red ball taking rebirth every morning.
  • We love to listen to melodious songs and feel the gentle wind.
  • We love to slurp hot soup while enjoying the rain.
  • We love to go cycling in the hills looking at the Earth’s beauty and beyond.
  • We love to traipse along the beautiful seashore where the irregular waves tickle our feet.
  • We love to go camping in the deep forests where we can hear the chirping of various birds in such a way that it becomes difficult for us to identify which bird it is!
  •  We love to sink ourselves in deep thoughts while staring at the greenery .

P.S.  I feel there is a nature lover in everyone of us.It is about time we bring him/her out.


Are you scared of your exams?
Are you scared of losing your job?
Are you scared of your boss?
Are you scared of your future?
Are you scared of anything in your life?
If the answer to any of the above mentioned questions is yes, then continue reading.
Don’t be scared.
Don’t let your fears take over you.
Don’t let these imbecile things occupy your mind.
Ask me why?
Here’s why!
We humans are so busy with our lives that,we have actually forgotten the fact that ultimately we are going to die one day.
We are so happy(or not) with whatever we are doing that we don’t even bring death into the ring of thoughts.
This makes the point that we are not worried of death.
If we are not scared of death, then just question yourself “Is getting scared of exams or any other reason even viable?”
Comparing ourselves to the rock-ribbed soldiers(might sound absurd),I can say that we all are ready to face the death at any given point of time in life but, they die for the country(that is the most noble thing anyone can do) while we die for no one.
To sum up:
Not scared of death implies not scared of anything.
For those who are scared “Don’t be a scaredy-cat instead be its relative, the lion.” Don’t let people kitty you!

P.S. I don’t know what other people feel,but this is how I look at life.

Why is death still considered taboo ?(Will follow in one of the blogs in a few days.)

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Time turner!!

time turner

It was just another day.

I woke up to my bΓͺte noire,alarm’s ring.Got ready and left for college.

En route to college I turned on the FM in my car and as a child, I had this favorite song, that started playing.

I see the blank wall and brought the car to a standstill.

I cruised to the land of nod and I see my mom teaching me how to write.

I could feel the zephyr.My  reminiscences piled-up and  started flashing one after the other.

I saw my chums with those innocent faces and unsullied hearts.We were playing.What we were playing was not vivid!!

Here comes my daddy with his hands full of  toys,cookies and of course my beige tricycle,the thing that I love the most in the world after my parents. Tears coursed down my cheeks.Out of the blue I hear the honking sound and my memory stream takes a pause.

I sighed and said “Only if I had you,time turner”.

The engine starts. 



Oh birdie!!πŸ•Š

I am stranded.
I am stranded in a place where there are conjectures at all the points in my life.
I am stranded in a place where I need to live a life to live upto someone’s expectations.
I am stranded in a place where my dreams are considered tawdry.
I am stranded in a place where I am made to feel intimidated to even think about going after what I want.
I am stranded in a place where the ostensible humans are pretending to lead a blithe life.
I am stranded in a place where dollar bills are the ultimate purpose of life.

  • I have a different perspective about life.
  •  I have a different way to live my life.
  • I have different things that i want in life.

Just because I am not turning into something you want me to,doesn’t make me a substandard person.

I know what I want and I know how to get it.

Oh birdie in me..
Fly me away.
Fly me to a world of hope.
Fly me to a world of possibilities.
Fly me to a world where I can be who I want to be.
Fly me to a world where my dreams come true.


I don’t want a life which is executed using an algorithm whose output is an endless loop of errors.

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