The witching hour!

My eyes, tired of seeing the dramarama.
My thoughts, tired from running into people’s pretentious minds.
My brain,tired of reading too much between the lines.
My nose,tired of inhaling the air filled with the stink of pseudo love.
My lips,tired of uttering the words which mean nothing to people.
My hands,tired of becoming the helping hands.
My heart,tired of being broken again and again.
My stomach,tired of digesting the harsh truths that I find.
My legs,tired of stepping foot into places it never wanted to.
My soul,tired of being imprisoned in the jail with never ending bars.
Looking at the moonless sky,my tired body was out like a light.
Follow up blog:An antonym to this blog.


Liebster Award


Before anything,let me thank yuvi’s buzz  for nominating me for this award.She writes awesome blogs,I can’t describe it as what category because she buzzes away like crazy(in a good way)! Please do checkout her blog!You will like it.

What is Liebster Award?
Liebster in German means dearest, favourite. It was created in 2011 and it is given by bloggers to other bloggers who are newbies.


  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers ( with under 200 followers).
  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

Here are my answers to the questions I have been asked :

  •  What is your hobby other than blogging?

I love to watch all kinds of TV series and listen to songs.

  • Which place would you like to visit at least once in your life and why?

It would be London.The reason is pretty much simple, Harry potter.

  • Which movie or tv show do you think is the best based on the story and why?

Again,it’s Harry potter.I have lost the count of the number of times I watched the               movie.I mean how did J.K.Rowling even imagine that!

  • What is your fantasy wish?

It’s weird how all these questions link to Harry Potter.I want to join Hogwarts!

  • Which novel or book do you like and what is the current one you are reading (if any)?

Currently,none.But I want to read  A song of ice and fire by George RR Martin.

  • Do you believe in ‘true love’?

Well, yes.I think everyone should too.True love that your family shows towards you is a simple proof.

  • How important do you think encouragement is?

It is the most important thing.No matter what you do, a good complement from                   someone always gives us the confidence to do better.

  • What is the best of your virtues?

I am frank and open-minded.

  • Name one food that you would never stop liking ever.

That is a difficult choice.I love food so much that I can’t choose one over the other.

  •  How do you manage your work/studies and writing time?

I at least will spend 2 hours on this.I actually have a lot of time.I never had the                   difficulty in managing.

  • How do you overcome writer’s block?

Not faced it yet.Hope I never face it (touch wood).

I almost forgot.I should nominate now.God help me.

There are a lot of people whom I appreciate.Since I have to nominate only 11, I am             nominating the following in no particular order  :


The questions are same as mine.

Please let me know if you revert.





Nature lovers and how!🍁

Few things all the nature lovers love to do:

  • We love to sit in the portico and enjoy the giant red ball taking rebirth every morning.
  • We love to listen to melodious songs and feel the gentle wind.
  • We love to slurp hot soup while enjoying the rain.
  • We love to go cycling in the hills looking at the Earth’s beauty and beyond.
  • We love to traipse along the beautiful seashore where the irregular waves tickle our feet.
  • We love to go camping in the deep forests where we can hear the chirping of various birds in such a way that it becomes difficult for us to identify which bird it is!
  •  We love to sink ourselves in deep thoughts while staring at the greenery .

P.S.  I feel there is a nature lover in everyone of us.It is about time we bring him/her out.


Are you scared of your exams?
Are you scared of losing your job?
Are you scared of your boss?
Are you scared of your future?
Are you scared of anything in your life?
If the answer to any of the above mentioned questions is yes, then continue reading.
Don’t be scared.
Don’t let your fears take over you.
Don’t let these imbecile things occupy your mind.
Ask me why?
Here’s why!
We humans are so busy with our lives that,we have actually forgotten the fact that ultimately we are going to die one day.
We are so happy(or not) with whatever we are doing that we don’t even bring death into the ring of thoughts.
This makes the point that we are not worried of death.
If we are not scared of death, then just question yourself “Is getting scared of exams or any other reason even viable?”
Comparing ourselves to the rock-ribbed soldiers(might sound absurd),I can say that we all are ready to face the death at any given point of time in life but, they die for the country(that is the most noble thing anyone can do) while we die for no one.
To sum up:
Not scared of death implies not scared of anything.
For those who are scared “Don’t be a scaredy-cat instead be its relative, the lion.” Don’t let people kitty you!

P.S. I don’t know what other people feel,but this is how I look at life.

Why is death still considered taboo ?(Will follow in one of the blogs in a few days.)

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Hello my bloggies.

My first nomination post is here.yippee!!!

I have been nominated for

  1. Get to know me tag .
  2. Get to know me child tag.
  3. One lovely blog award.

All thanks to you @shraddha1993( don’t know how to use your name as a link.sorry!

I would like to also give this splendid opportunity to others as well.

Rules –   

1st award.

  1. Each nominee must thank the person who is nominated them and do credit to the creator of the tag
  2. Must post one of your childhood picture with your nickname 
  3. Must reveal 5 funniest experiences of your childhood life
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers to do the award. 

2nd award. 

Answer the questions given  above.

2)Credit the Creator of the Tag.

3)Nominate 5/+ bloggers

3rd award. 

Thank the person who nominated you
Share 7 facts about yourself
Nominate up to 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination


My sobriquet was vikki.

As a child I used to throw food in the attic.

Facts about me :

  1. I am a gossipmonger.
  2. I am a blabbermouth.
  3. I am an extreme foodie.
  4. I am kind of a solipsist(who isn’t?).
  5. I am a man of my words to the people who trust me.
  6. I am an English lover.
  7. I am a TV and movie fanatic.

Answers to Shraddha1993’s questions are:-

1.  How long have you been blogging?

Ans- It has just been 15 days or so.

2. Do you enjoy tags?

Ans- Ofcourse.

3. Do you follow blogs which you follow?

Ans- yeah! I feel I have to return the favour.

4.  Describe your blog in 5 words.

Ans-  Fun,Worldly,Positive,short,lovable.

5. How many post you have done except this?

Ans-  13.

6. On 1-10 rate how much you love blogging!

Ans- The rating meter would break into pieces.100.

7.  Post some links you enjoy reading.


and there are many more.I would be nominating them all.

Nominees for the above blogs are:


The Shining Gem
Thoughts in Life
Abhijith Padmakumar
Shana Gorian

The questions are the same as above.

I would be happy if you revert.

Time turner!!

time turner

It was just another day.

I woke up to my bête noire,alarm’s ring.Got ready and left for college.

En route to college I turned on the FM in my car and as a child, I had this favorite song, that started playing.

I see the blank wall and brought the car to a standstill.

I cruised to the land of nod and I see my mom teaching me how to write.

I could feel the zephyr.My  reminiscences piled-up and  started flashing one after the other.

I saw my chums with those innocent faces and unsullied hearts.We were playing.What we were playing was not vivid!!

Here comes my daddy with his hands full of  toys,cookies and of course my beige tricycle,the thing that I love the most in the world after my parents. Tears coursed down my cheeks.Out of the blue I hear the honking sound and my memory stream takes a pause.

I sighed and said “Only if I had you,time turner”.

The engine starts. 



Oh birdie!!🕊

I am stranded.
I am stranded in a place where there are conjectures at all the points in my life.
I am stranded in a place where I need to live a life to live upto someone’s expectations.
I am stranded in a place where my dreams are considered tawdry.
I am stranded in a place where I am made to feel intimidated to even think about going after what I want.
I am stranded in a place where the ostensible humans are pretending to lead a blithe life.
I am stranded in a place where dollar bills are the ultimate purpose of life.

  • I have a different perspective about life.
  •  I have a different way to live my life.
  • I have different things that i want in life.

Just because I am not turning into something you want me to,doesn’t make me a substandard person.

I know what I want and I know how to get it.

Oh birdie in me..
Fly me away.
Fly me to a world of hope.
Fly me to a world of possibilities.
Fly me to a world where I can be who I want to be.
Fly me to a world where my dreams come true.


I don’t want a life which is executed using an algorithm whose output is an endless loop of errors.

Black & white

Heita,I said.

Aweh,he said. 

We hugged affectionately and went for a stroll in the woodlands. 

Knock knock!!

and I was jolted awake from my reverie.Why am i not fair? I catechized myself.

  • Is it my fault that i am born like this?
  • Will my dream of being friends with people who are not of my color ever come true?
  • Is me dreaming of being treated as an equal not fair?This is the story of every other person who is not as fair as you ain’t a story it’s the reality.

 We have reached the mars and are happy that we have hit a homerun but a simple thing like not being a racist is still a pipe dream .I don’t say that everyone is against racial discrimination,  but the world has not completely changed my friends. We should put our shoulder to the wheel and work towards a better tomorrow.

  • How can people be so shallow in their thoughts?
  • How can being black be considered as a sin?
  • How can the color stop you from being who you are?

Though it might sound cliché,it is the inner beauty that matters.

You might be fair and still be an ass.
You might not be fair and still be world class.

So the concept of black and white is completely irrelevant.
Be true to yourself and to the the people you love.

In this dog-eat-dog world,i am sure one day we can grab this tree of racism from its roots and burn it to ashes.

“Whats the point of being pretty on the outside when you are so ugly on the inside – Jess c.scott”

For those who don’t know:

Heita and aweh are the words used to say hi in african languages.


The room i never entered..


I entered the amphitheatre  and the rabble was not as mammoth as I expected but still it was filled to the brim.I saw the crowd and I could clearly identify the faces of the people who were tensed.I felt nothing.

Adding insult to injury, I heard a voice which said “IT’S TIME”.I felt nothing.

People started to leave the place one after the other.I was at the end of the line and the feeling of solitude started to takeover me.I then stepped my foot into the room of tranquility or so they say.

The walls have ears but in this room even the walls could not hear a thing because of the escalated silence.We were given with a paper filled with questions and I could hear the pages turn.The time flew by.  The clock struck twelve and my  first ever interview was done.I felt nothing.


The world is full of dummies and judgemental people who like to make use of others and throw them away once their purpose is served.On the occasion of friendship day i wanted to talk about friends in this space age.

The type of friends we meet over the time differs.How? Let me tell you..We all have friends from school,college,and university;in retrospect just think about the people you were friends with..I think you will agree to my point that, friends we make in school are the purest form of friends, as there is innocence at that age.No ego problems, no faux concerns,it is just unadulterated Friendship.

As we grow old,the world surrounding us turns most people into these hideous walking ,talking epitome of fakeness.So it has become difficult to find true friends.The irony of friendship day is that, we all have hundred’s of friends in our contact list but among them there are very few people who we would like to truely wish and say the greetings on friendshipday.

As we all know nothing interesting is ever completely one sided.There are people who can be true friends but it’s hard to find them.You can meet them at any point of time in your life.Never doubt anybody and everybody you meet.A little faith in other person can never harm you.

Roses are red

violets are blue

I found a true friend

And you will too.


Afterall,what’s life without friends!!

A trip to heaven🌏

Amboli in maharashtra India is a hill station which many people not know.It lies in the sahayadri’s.It is around 117 km from Goa.Even though many people visit Goa,very few know about this place which is so close to Goa.

I had the opportunity of visiting this breathtaking place last month.It has greenery spread over the hills like a blanket.

Throughout the way you see waterfalls right next to the road which makes it even more blissful.There are about 15 waterfalls along the way which include one huge waterfalls where you can go up to the falls on man made steps.

Please note:Don’t go on weekends as the crowd would be too huge(people started to notice this place finally)

Take food with you as this area is likely to have landslides,you might get stuck in the hills.Experienced my self(4 hours)

Umbrellas are must.It keeps raining most of the time.

  • Hiranyakeshi temple
  • Madhav gadh fort

P.S If you are a nature lover,this place is perfect you guys.

Am i blogging?!

  • Learning how to blog.I am sure what i am doing now is not the proper way to blog.This is just the beginning.I am trying to observe how others are blogging.This will allow me to learn blogging but i won’t be influenced by other’s blogs.I will not be like someone else. I will be me.
  • Everything takes time.I know that something can not be achieved in two minutes(unless it is making noodles).
  • Hope i will be patient enough to take my blog to a proper standard.Let’s see what happens..



Getting little nerdy..

I found an interesting course for the people who love teaching and travelling..

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is the perfect can travel to various countries and teach English to the people over there.

At the same time you can explore their culture,traditions,life style and what not.I don’t think  many people know about i just thought of enlightening you guys with some information.

P.S I am not associated wid any teaching




Saturday is here..I love weekends, not because it is a holiday but it’s the time we(as in my family)all spend together.The fun,the fights,the conversations are those that make the weekend special.. Makes me want to just stay here( the weekend♡).. I say don’t try to spend the time with your family, just make sure there is always time for your family no matter what..

Instead of spending my time with the people I love,look at me wasting my time



P.S Family is what matters ultimately

second step..

looks like i have got some views already…

not to bore you guys..

i am a tv and movie let’s start with what i am  gud at..

therez this fantastic tv series F.R.I.E.N.D.S..well,obviously who doesn’t know it??!!

hey thr.. i see u(to those who din’t see this tv series )..just start watching it..its about 6 frnds who are so lovely  and perfect..woah..hold on..perfect isn’t a word in their dictionary..they are all so crazy and yes, they have flaws (a lot.. to be honest..) but they all make their lives complete..they are so perfect as a it and i can say that you wud want to  be a part of their life..makes you wish you had wat they had…

keep it simple silly



first time here…

Hello everyone..

This is vikram simha..

I wanted to do something different,can’t say that blogging is different because most people do that but for me this is a whole new area as i was never into all these things.What is life without some sparkle of freshness?So,here i am to add that zing to my life and hopefully to your’s as well..

A Website.

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