The pointless mask

It was just a week after Christmas, I was invited to a birthday bash of my neighbour who apparently is born with a silver spoon.

Not being able to deny the invite, I reached the venue. It was a masquerade theme party and as I walked through the staging area I was given a face mask.
This was the essence of the party, to hide your true face until the clock struck twelve.
Though it may sound bizarre, my point was, why do we need an extra mask to cover up our faces?
We already have humongous layers of masks on our faces.
Not knowing when the heads would fall down considering the overweight of the masks, people were greeting each other with plastic smiles and oh-so-fake attitude.
I saw people lying through their teeth.
If only the air freshner had removed the awkwardness that was present in the room!

The party was just as boring as the theme.


The world is full of dummies and judgemental people who like to make use of others and throw them away once their purpose is served.On the occasion of friendship day i wanted to talk about friends in this space age.

The type of friends we meet over the time differs.How? Let me tell you..We all have friends from school,college,and university;in retrospect just think about the people you were friends with..I think you will agree to my point that, friends we make in school are the purest form of friends, as there is innocence at that age.No ego problems, no faux concerns,it is just unadulterated Friendship.

As we grow old,the world surrounding us turns most people into these hideous walking ,talking epitome of fakeness.So it has become difficult to find true friends.The irony of friendship day is that, we all have hundred’s of friends in our contact list but among them there are very few people who we would like to truely wish and say the greetings on friendshipday.

As we all know nothing interesting is ever completely one sided.There are people who can be true friends but it’s hard to find them.You can meet them at any point of time in your life.Never doubt anybody and everybody you meet.A little faith in other person can never harm you.

Roses are red

violets are blue

I found a true friend

And you will too.


Afterall,what’s life without friends!!

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