The girl who lived!

Born in the cave
Yet she was brave
Learnt to fight
For what was right
Ready to die
But never failed to try
There came a day
And her heart couldn’t stay
It was her time
To fight the outrageous crime
She was courageous
But the world was obnoxious
She was forced to stop
Doing what was definitely not a flop
All thanks to people
With feelings feeble

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Don’t act like a sister
You are born to be a hero
Can’t be a zero
Play with cars
Not barbie dolls
Get a job
Never sob
You can do anything
None can question you nothing

You can be a wuss
Play with barbie dolls
As you are a baby doll
You are meant for home
So you can not roam
Cover your body
Never be gaudy
Don’t dream big
It will be a flop gig
Waiting for this scenario to change!
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