The key!

I sit infront of the portico
Thinking about my stolen dreams
I never knew who the thief was
Even if I knew,
I never had the courage to face him.
I never wanted to go to that unspoken place
That place where he hid my dreams
That place which was locked tightly using apprehensions.
That place where my dreams took a backseat
That place where dreams considered themselves to be nightmares
That place where dreams were burried alive in a coffin of compromises.
I found the key
The key to my dream yard
The key to my strength
The key to my courage
The key to the rebirth of my dreams
The key to my happy life

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The room i never entered..


I entered the amphitheatre  and the rabble was not as mammoth as I expected but still it was filled to the brim.I saw the crowd and I could clearly identify the faces of the people who were tensed.I felt nothing.

Adding insult to injury, I heard a voice which said “IT’S TIME”.I felt nothing.

People started to leave the place one after the other.I was at the end of the line and the feeling of solitude started to takeover me.I then stepped my foot into the room of tranquility or so they say.

The walls have ears but in this room even the walls could not hear a thing because of the escalated silence.We were given with a paper filled with questions and I could hear the pages turn.The time flew by.  The clock struck twelve and my  first ever interview was done.I felt nothing.

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