Nature lovers and how!🍁

Few things all the nature lovers love to do:

  • We love to sit in the portico and enjoy the giant red ball taking rebirth every morning.
  • We love to listen to melodious songs and feel the gentle wind.
  • We love to slurp hot soup while enjoying the rain.
  • We love to go cycling in the hills looking at the Earth’s beauty and beyond.
  • We love to traipse along the beautiful seashore where the irregular waves tickle our feet.
  • We love to go camping in the deep forests where we can hear the chirping of various birds in such a way that it becomes difficult for us to identify which bird it is!
  •  We love to sink ourselves in deep thoughts while staring at the greenery .

P.S.  I feel there is a nature lover in everyone of us.It is about time we bring him/her out.

Black & white

Heita,I said.

Aweh,he said. 

We hugged affectionately and went for a stroll in the woodlands. 

Knock knock!!

and I was jolted awake from my reverie.Why am i not fair? I catechized myself.

  • Is it my fault that i am born like this?
  • Will my dream of being friends with people who are not of my color ever come true?
  • Is me dreaming of being treated as an equal not fair?This is the story of every other person who is not as fair as you ain’t a story it’s the reality.

 We have reached the mars and are happy that we have hit a homerun but a simple thing like not being a racist is still a pipe dream .I don’t say that everyone is against racial discrimination,  but the world has not completely changed my friends. We should put our shoulder to the wheel and work towards a better tomorrow.

  • How can people be so shallow in their thoughts?
  • How can being black be considered as a sin?
  • How can the color stop you from being who you are?

Though it might sound cliché,it is the inner beauty that matters.

You might be fair and still be an ass.
You might not be fair and still be world class.

So the concept of black and white is completely irrelevant.
Be true to yourself and to the the people you love.

In this dog-eat-dog world,i am sure one day we can grab this tree of racism from its roots and burn it to ashes.

“Whats the point of being pretty on the outside when you are so ugly on the inside – Jess c.scott”

For those who don’t know:

Heita and aweh are the words used to say hi in african languages.


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