The key!

I sit infront of the portico
Thinking about my stolen dreams
I never knew who the thief was
Even if I knew,
I never had the courage to face him.
I never wanted to go to that unspoken place
That place where he hid my dreams
That place which was locked tightly using apprehensions.
That place where my dreams took a backseat
That place where dreams considered themselves to be nightmares
That place where dreams were burried alive in a coffin of compromises.
I found the key
The key to my dream yard
The key to my strength
The key to my courage
The key to the rebirth of my dreams
The key to my happy life

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The pandora’s box

It was a soulless day.I was just dozing off.My mobile rings,and its my friend who tells me to leave for her estate as they have planned a theme party.

It was a five hours drive to the estate.I could see the bizzare shaped moon hanging in the crimson skies by the time I reached the farm house.Much to my horror,there was noone.Only thing that was present was utter darkness.
I was alone in the eerie looking farm house which was in the middle of nowhere.
All I could hear was the howling of the wolves and my rapidly increasing heartbeat.
Now I could here footsteps approaching me.Without even looking back I ran like a bat out of hell into the farmhouse whose doors were wide open which felt like the farmhouse wanted me to enter it.I then,shut the doors.
I searched for the knife,entered the gloomy bedroom and tried to sleep.I heard the footsteps again but only this time it was from the attic.
I tried to console myself saying that it was just a figment of my imagination.But,No it wasn’t.I could here the footsteps from the basement of the dead.
I took my courage in both hands along with the knife and an almost burntout candle and went after the footsteps.I could here the footsteps all around the house.I saw a blue light beaming like an azure sky.It was coming out of a rustic box which was beautifully carved and the word pesadilla engraved on it.I opened the box and a headless lady whose hoodie was floating in thin air appeared infront of me.
She said that her name is pesadilla and asked me to wakeup.
I was jolted awake from my frightmare.
My mobile rings.
For those who do not know pesadilla means a nightmare in Spanish.


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