The witching hour!

My eyes, tired of seeing the dramarama.
My thoughts, tired from running into people’s pretentious minds.
My brain,tired of reading too much between the lines.
My nose,tired of inhaling the air filled with the stink of pseudo love.
My lips,tired of uttering the words which mean nothing to people.
My hands,tired of becoming the helping hands.
My heart,tired of being broken again and again.
My stomach,tired of digesting the harsh truths that I find.
My legs,tired of stepping foot into places it never wanted to.
My soul,tired of being imprisoned in the jail with never ending bars.
Looking at the moonless sky,my tired body was out like a light.
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  1. Vikram, this is so representative of the human need to “Invest”. We want to believe in something so bad. The other side of that coin is the human creature who is the predator. Counter wise born and taught by wicked survival skills to feed off this need to invest. So sad. And yes these have fashioned their god (small “g”) and it is “survive”. And so they are instantly disposed to supply us with lies, illusions, ideals, these are their access tools which permit them to rob us of all negotiable substances as the world accredit. Thank you, good work friend. By the way, do you know Jyots, or Vikram the cook (in the blogging world) (Jyots is Nividita).

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